EP82 – Wild Isles with Hilary Jeffkins

We Talk to Hilary Jeffkins, series producer on the Wild Isles, talking to her about this great new BBC Series on wildlife in the British Isles, stories from making the show, her favourite moments in the filming and how she got started in making TV programs helping to crate the Really Wild Show.

EP80 – Phantom Midge Larva – Chaoborus sp

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, here is an episode on a seriously underrated pond (and lake!) creature, the Phantom Midge Chaoborus sp. a transparent fly larva, the UK’s fastest striking predator and the only insect that is truly planktonic

EP78 – Tarras Valley Nature Reserve with Kat Mayer

We talk to Kat Mayer about the The Langholm Initiative and Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, what wildlife is there, how the community buyout happened, what projects are taking place to improve the site and the plans for the future

EP76 – The Attack on Nature with Tony Whitehead from the RSPB

We talk to Tony Whitehead who is one of the communications managers for RSPB England, and we discuss the Attack on Nature. Tony explains the concerns about the threat to the Habitats Directive (and what this directive does) from the Retained EU Law Bill, the harm that could come from ‘Investment Zones’ and the uncertainty…

EP75 – Harvestmen with Meg Skinner

Continuing our celebration of #Arachtober we speak to Meg Skinner all about Harvestmen. How they differ from spiders, how they feed, what they eat and how you can identify and help record these wonderful arachnids.