I have given talks to a wide variety of audiences, including Bird Fair, North West Birdwatching Festival, London Freshwater Group, Portsmouth Aquarium, WWT London, the Tetrapod Zoo Conference and local wildlife and photography groups.

I can give talks in person or over Zoom.  

Below is a list of the currently available talks, each of which are illustrated with my own photos and videos.  Each talk is designed to last about 1 hour but can be shortened or lengthened to suit your needs:

Wildlife and Natural History Talks


Life in Ponds and Pools
A look at the wildlife found in and around or ponds.  From the familiar moorhens and dragonflies to the less well known water scorpions and caddisfly larvae.  Features my pictures of the rarely photographed freshwater invertebrates.

Wildlife of South Essex
The area of South Essex is where most of my photography takes place, but in the shadow of Suffolk and Norfolk, it is often ignored.  In this talk I’ll show some of the highlights and some of the species for which Essex is among the best places in the UK to see.

Wildlife of Britain
Over the last few years I have visited a fair few places to see and photograph the wildlife.  From famous ‘honeypot’ sites like the Farne Islands to my local park, this talk will show my best photos of a wide range of wildlife from the many locations I have visited with my camera.

Interesting Invertebrates
Insects, spiders and other invertebrates are often overlooked, but there is a whole world of fascinating creatures of many shapes and sizes right below our feet. This talk will explore this world that is uncovered using a macro lens and the interesting lives these species have.

Wildlife on Holiday
and Lanzarote are two popular holiday destinations, neither of which are well known for their wildlife, and yet there are many hidden gems. From British species that are more common or approachable, wonderful Mediterranean species that can not be seen here. This talk includes some tips on how to find out what wildlife can be found at your Holiday destination.

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragon and Damselflies are among the most interesting and beautiful of the insects.  This talk will look at how they live, breed and hunt while also covering the species found in the UK.

Aliens Among us: Non-native Wildlife in the UK

Along with Mandarin Ducks, Grey Squirrels and Mink, some surprisingly exotic species like porcupines and Midwife Toads have been found living i the wild in the UK.  This talk will look at those species, how they could have got here and if they are affecting our native species.

Other topics
I can also cover other topics on UK wildlife or on photography techniques.  Contact me if you have a topic you would like covered, or any suggestions.

Nature Photography Talks

Photographing Pond Creatures
The creatures of the pond are rarely photographed.  I will show you how using my pond creature set ups, I have captured the species in the world below the waters surface.


Photographing Insects and other Invertebrates
These small creatures are often ignored, but can make wonderful photographic subjects. I will show some of my best images of these group of animals and explain how I got them, along with some tips on what techniques I have found best.


Photographing Britain’s Wildlife

Photos and stories form my 15 years of nature photography in Britain, from my home of Essex to the Highlands of Scotland, including orchids in Kent, gannets in Yorkshire, Foxes in Essex, dragonflies in the New Forest and Crested Tits in Scotland, and many other species

Wildlife Photographer to Wildlife Filmmaker

In the last few years I have been making wildlife films along with the photos I was taking before.  This talks covers how I got started, some of the footage I have got, short films I made and gives some tips for photographers thinking of doing using the movie mode on their camera.

Other Nature Photography Topics

I can give talks on a number of other nature photography topics, I have lead workshops on photographing, wildflowers, fungi, dragonflies, nature macro and general nature photography, and have a set of talks based on my adventures over each year e.g. “Best of 2018” 

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact me