Ep41 – Ancient Orchards with Nick Gates

We talk to Nick Gates,  naturalist and natural history TV producer, vlogger and writer. We discuss the Ancient or Traditional Orchards, the topic of the book Orchard, which he co-authored. These orchards can hold a wealth of wildlife, including rare and declining species such as the noble chafer, lesser spotted woodpeckers and redstarts. We also, answer…


EP40 – Back from the Brink project

We are joined by James Harding-Morris, who is the Communications Manager for the Back from the Brink project, a large collaboration of UK nature conservation bodies which aims to save 20 species from extinction and benefit over 200 more through 19 projects that span England. We discuss the aims and achievements so far, some of the many…


Ep 39 – Tawny owls

We talk about tawny owls which are very active and calling at this time of year. In news we discuss The badger cull ‘halting’, using birth control to control squirrels, more raptor persecution and a strange arrangement between Natural England and BASC, a study showing half of all bird biomass in August is non native…


Ep38 – Freshwater Filmmaking with Jack Perks

We talk to the fish twitcher himself, Jack Perks, about how he ended up filming freshwater fish and other wildlife, his quest to film every species of British freshwater fish and many other things. In news we cover the call by conservationists to monitor our smaller streams and ponds, andJack also gives his insights on…


Ep37 – Entomology + Carrion Beetles with Ash Whiffin

We talk to entomologist and museum curator Ashleigh Whiffin, discussing how she got to being a museum curator and entomologist, the need for taking specimens in entomology and how entomological displays have changed over the years. We also discuss Carrion Beetles, their wonderful behaviours of this group, (which include a surprising amount of parental care),…


Ep36 – Snowdrops and Winter Aconites

We talk about the 2 main winter flowers Snowdrops and Winter Aconites. Looking at the natural history of these 2 plants that are not native, but found in the wild of the UK We choose our favourite nature moment from 2020 and share some of yours. In news we discuss the last welsh Golden Eagle…

Medicinal leech

Ep35 – Leeches

A bit of a different episode, with just Neil and he is talking about a much maligned group of animals, the leeches, and how his fear turned to fascination. With some cool facts and his personal experiences of these largely misunderstood creatures.


Ep34 – Wildlife Kate

We chat to Kate MacRae about teaching children outside, about wildlife/nature (including remotely during the lockdown!), the remote wildlife cameras in her garden, tips on using trailcams and a host of other things!

rob read

Ep33 – Wildlife Photography Competitions and Ethics with Rob Read

We discuss Wildlife Photography Competitions and Ethics with our guest Rob Read who runs the Wild Art photography competition. We also talk about wildlife writing with his Purple Crow subscription service. We talk through how to set rules in competitions and how this links in with ethics of getting the shot and navigating the grey…

George McGavin by Tim Fogg

Ep32 – Dr George McGavin

For our 1 year anniversary special we are joined by entomologist and wildlife presenter George McGavin, discussing how he got into entomology and then broadcasting, bot flies, the important conservation role that has been played by Scottish midges and what happened when he was left alone in a dark cave among many other subjects! Here…