Beaver reintroduction to Wales

There was a press release today saying that there are plans European beavers are to be reintroduced to Wales, returning this native species that was wiped out hunting 400 years ago. There are articles here on the BBC website and this video below, posted by the good folk at Wildwood in Kent. Sadly and predictably,…


First Azure damselfly

On couple of days ago, on a warm morning (before the horrible bitter cold wind returned), one patch of nettles near a large pond was teeming with invertebrates. Among them was my first Azure damselfly of the year. I also saw a number of red damselflies there and throughout the day, with 12+ seen around…


Rhingia campestris hoverfly

Another creature I photographed in my macro session was this Rhingia campestris hoverfly. It has the long ‘nose’ due to its extra long mouthpart which can reach down into flowers to get nector other hoverflies can’t reach. I need to find or think of a common name for this beast to tell the children I…



I had a number of sightings of goldcrests in the Loch Garten Car Par, but they never really posed for a photo in a near enough or clear enough position. The best I managed was probably this