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Ep5 UK Wildlife Podcast – Pond life in Winter

What pond creatures, such as the pond oilve mayfly, do to survive the cold in winter, and give some tips on how to look after your pond when it freezes over. Kestrel decline and our first memory’s of garden wildlife, and what surprises us about nature. Seal pup deaths and should dogs be allowed in nature reserves.


Ep4 UK Wildlife Podcast – Christmas Special

In News we discuss: The sad passing of David Bellamy Harvest Mice thriving on a reintroduction site Baby porpoise poisoned by pollution We answer Steve Bonds question about a magpie eating a mouse And our main topic is wildlife species associated with Christmas: reindeer, robins, holly and mistletoe   Click here to play Subscribe here:Apple…


Ep3 UK Wildlife podcast – How to get adults interested in Wildlife

We discuss in News: Leaky Dams, rise in poisoned owl no.s in Epping Forest and dormouse decline. The main topic of discussion is Graham’s question: It was interesting and encouraging to hear in episode 1 of your podcast that the young children seem to be growing up with quite a good grasp of natural knowledge,…


Episode 2 – UK Wildlife Podcast – Migration

We talk about at migration, but mostly in amphibians, reptile, insects, fish and bats, rather than birds.In news: Neil moans about Angling Trust trying to get cormorants on General license and we talk about better news on beaver reintroduction Podcast notes: Angling Trust Cormorant added to general license campaign page (warning depressing and scientifically dubious…


UK Wildlife Podcast – Ep1 – Short eared Owls + Skomer

Episode 1 – we discuss what we’ve been up to (SPOILER: Me lots, Vic not so much), Shorted owls, Skomer and how children are good at find fungi and inverts