EP87 – Nigel Marven at Global Birdfair

The 1st of our episodes recorded live at Global Birdfair, we talk to Nigel Marven about how in got into wildlife, his pet caiman, his journey to becoming a wildlife presenter and how he ended up being chased by dinosaurs. We also talk about why Birdfair is such a great event and the positive impact…

EP85-The Cockchafer or Maybug

We talk all about the Cockchafer or May Bug. It’s lifecycle, habits, folklore and interesting historic relationship with humans In wildlife news we talk about Gannets changing eye colour, the water companies poor offer to clean their own mess and more Hen harriers being killed

Ep49 – Wood Ants with Dr. Jenni Stockan

In this episode we talk to Dr Jenni Stockan about Wood Ants, which are 3 of our largest and arguably most interesting species of ants. We discuss how they live, what effect they have on the habitats they live in and the somewhat bizarre stories of people relocating them, sometimes to some far off places!

Ep47 – Bluebells and Wood Anemones

In the second of our spring flowers episodes we talk about the the Bluebell and the Wood Anemone; how and where they grow, why they spread so slowly and the neat trick bluebells use to get phosphorous. In news we talk about the Big Garden Birdwatch results, Large Marsh Grasshopper being reintroduced to Norfolk, the…

Ep45 – Cuckoos with Professor Nick Davies

We discuss cuckoos with Professor Nick Davies, field naturalist and author of the book ‘Cuckoo: cheating by nature’. We talk about the cuckoos diet, migration and their extraordinary nest parasitism. Over many years of study Nick and his colleagues have answered many of the questions around how the cuckoo gets away with laying it eggs…