EP89 – PROJECT CamTag – Camera Satellite Tags for Hen Harriers with Peter Howe.mp3

We talk to Peter Howe of 3rd Eye Technology about PROJECT CamTag, his plan to develop satellite tags used on birds of prey to more modern technology, including cameras to catch criminals persecuting them. Also in news Neil rants about the Grouse moor originations attacking Dr Amir Khan for calling their claims about benefiting conservation…

EP78 – Tarras Valley Nature Reserve with Kat Mayer

We talk to Kat Mayer about the The Langholm Initiative and Tarras Valley Nature Reserve, what wildlife is there, how the community buyout happened, what projects are taking place to improve the site and the plans for the future

Iolo Williams with a bald eagle

Ep 23 – Raptor Persecution and Welsh Wildlife with Iolo Williams

We talk to Iolo Williams about raptor persecution and the wildlife found in Wales. We also discuss and Iolo answers questions on how he ended up as a wildlife presenter, his favourite wildlife encounter, the effects of cats and pheasants on wildlife, Mya Bambricks plan to get more wildlife habitat in schools, where to look…