I was sent an all Seasons Twist Feeder to review by Nature’s Feast. The feeder differs from your traditional bird seed feeder with its three compartments that spiral down it length. This enables the use of 3 different seed types in one feeder, which is handy if you have limited space to hang feeders. It also has the added benefit of giving the feeder more strength, which when combined with metal base, perches/ports and lid, gives a solid feel.
They supplied me with 2 bags of sunflower hearts and 1 bag of sunflower seeds, so I filled 2 with the hearts and 1 with the black sunflower seeds. In my parents garden they took a while to be found, but in this garden which has few bird visitors, it was getting far more than previously.
When I tried it in the garden of my new house it proved much more popular and has had sparrows, blue tit, great tit, starlings and even a robin hovering at the portholes to get at the sunflower hearts.
sparrows seed feeder

Updated 8-2-13:

The feeder has been in use for over a year for a year and is the most popular feeder, now also having one compartment full of winter seed mix. The feeder survived the feeding station falling over in the wind and still feels solidly constructed, with only sign of weathering being some some surface rust on a couple of porthole screws. The large size has also helped as it means I can fill the whole 40cm length of 3 compartments to the top and even with my hungry birds it usually lasts a few days. Overall I’m pretty impressed with it and have been using it since my initial review.

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