Alderfly Larva and Freshwater Shrimp

A few weeks ago I found an alderfly larva in the bottom mud of a pond.
alderfly larva 4 edited

They tend to be found in and on the pond bottom. They are quite distinctive with their many gill filaments on the abdomen and the pair of pincers at the front.
alderfly larva close up edited

alderfly larva close up 5 edited

alderfly larva very close up edited

They can sometimes be found crawling through weed too.
alderfly larva close up 2 edited

Another find that day was this freshwater shrimp, which was blue, rather than the brown I’m used to seeing. I don’t know why it was this colour, perhaps it had just shed its skin?
freshwater shrimp-2 edited

freshwater shrimp 3 edited

They aren’t true shrimps of course but acutally a type of amphipod, a groups which includes the sandhoppers that you find jumping around on the beach under seaweed.
freshwater shrimp edited

I also managed a headshot of a water flea or Daphnia, which while not perfect, it does show their bivavle arrangment of their shell.
water flea