EP76 – The Attack on Nature with Tony Whitehead from the RSPB

We talk to Tony Whitehead who is one of the communications managers for RSPB England, and we discuss the Attack on Nature. Tony explains the concerns about the threat to the Habitats Directive (and what this directive does) from the Retained EU Law Bill, the harm that could come from ‘Investment Zones’ and the uncertainty…

EP75 – Harvestmen with Meg Skinner

Continuing our celebration of #Arachtober we speak to Meg Skinner all about Harvestmen. How they differ from spiders, how they feed, what they eat and how you can identify and help record these wonderful arachnids.

EP74 – Yellow Tailed Scorpions in Britain

An arachnid species special for #Arachtober on a creature you may be surprised to here is found in the UK, the Yellow Tailed Scorpion. Covering where they live, how they feed, courtship and their lifecycle.

EP73 – Rebugging the Planet with Vicki Hird

We talk to Vicki Hird about the topic of her book Rebugging the Planet. We discuss the subjects covered in her book, what we can do to help bugs and Vicki also explains the current situation with ELMs, the scheme to help farmers farm in an more wildlife and environmental friendly way which seemed to…