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Episode 2 – UK Wildlife Podcast – Migration

We talk about at migration, but mostly in amphibians, reptile, insects, fish and bats, rather than birds.In news: Neil moans about Angling Trust trying to get cormorants on General license and we talk about better news on beaver reintroduction Podcast notes: Angling Trust Cormorant added to general license campaign page (warning depressing and scientifically dubious…


Episode 18 – Stag Beetle Special

In a special short episode we talk about Stag Beetles and Lesser Stag Beetles. We discuss their life cycle, distribution, behaviour and how Neil determined if the males could bite or not! The links mentioned in the podcastPTES websiteStag beetle.infoStag beetles


EP92 – Wildlife Photography Competition Tips + are they worth entering anymore?

We talk all about wildlife photography competitions – Vic gives some tips, from her perspective as a judge, on how to enter and we talk about our experiences in competitions and if it is worth entering them anymore.

Ep9 UK Wildlife Podcast – Moles

The main topic is the mole Neil mentions and excellent toad surveying session and Vic discusses Frog and toad spawn appearing.In news discuss a fishery owner killing an otter (and actually being jailed) and the badger cull being ‘phased out’ (or not). Above image of mole by Didier Descouens CC BY-SA 4.0 Podcast: Play in new…


EP89 – PROJECT CamTag – Camera Satellite Tags for Hen Harriers with Peter Howe.mp3

We talk to Peter Howe of 3rd Eye Technology about PROJECT CamTag, his plan to develop satellite tags used on birds of prey to more modern technology, including cameras to catch criminals persecuting them. Also in news Neil rants about the Grouse moor originations attacking Dr Amir Khan for calling their claims about benefiting conservation…


EP87 – Nigel Marven at Global Birdfair

The 1st of our episodes recorded live at Global Birdfair, we talk to Nigel Marven about how in got into wildlife, his pet caiman, his journey to becoming a wildlife presenter and how he ended up being chased by dinosaurs. We also talk about why Birdfair is such a great event and the positive impact…


EP86 – Wildlife of Sandwich Bay with Steffan Walton

We talk to Steffan Walton warden for the Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory Trust, all about the wildlife that can be found in Sandwich Bay area, the species found there and the work carried out by SBBOT. To donate to their appeal to buy Jubilee Field, or to find out more about the site head to…


EP85-The Cockchafer or Maybug

We talk all about the Cockchafer or May Bug. It’s lifecycle, habits, folklore and interesting historic relationship with humans In wildlife news we talk about Gannets changing eye colour, the water companies poor offer to clean their own mess and more Hen harriers being killed


EP82 – Wild Isles with Hilary Jeffkins

We Talk to Hilary Jeffkins, series producer on the Wild Isles, talking to her about this great new BBC Series on wildlife in the British Isles, stories from making the show, her favourite moments in the filming and how she got started in making TV programs helping to crate the Really Wild Show.

EP81 – Springtails aka collembola with Dr Peter Shaw

We talk all about Springtails aka collembola , the little jumpy used-to-be-but-are-no-longer-are-insects with the national recorder for the group, Dr Peter Shaw

EP80 – Phantom Midge Larva – Chaoborus sp

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, here is an episode on a seriously underrated pond (and lake!) creature, the Phantom Midge Chaoborus sp. a transparent fly larva, the UK’s fastest striking predator and the only insect that is truly planktonic

Ep8 UK Wildlife Podcast – Frogs and Toads with Steven Allain

We are joined by Steven Allain to discuss (and answer your questions) Frogs and Toads Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | TuneIn | Spotify | RSS | More News stories Beavers helping prevent flooding Sparrowhawk killed story 1 Sparrowhawk killed story 2 Coul Links development blocked Are you Team Frog or Team toad, vote on twitter below: To go with our…