Migrant Hawker in flight

While at Rainham Marshes we noticed a fair few male migrant hawkers patrolling territories.  The light wasn’t great and neither was the angle from the boardwalks so we didn’t bother with them.  But then we found a spot where we could get to their level with the sun behind us, only for the sun to…


Osprey and whimbrel

Today at Wat Tyler Country Park I was given a heads up that an osprey was present over the fleet. I managed to sneek out and get a few photos of it perched just on the opposite side of the fleet! Later on after work I walked down to the sea wall and found a…


Springwatch badgers

Here are some more badger photos from my trip to Pitsea landfill tip, which was made famous by BBC Springwatch this year with it’s tame foxes (more on them later) and badger hide maintained by Phil Shaw (You can see his excellent photos on his website Nature photo pro.com).